As a 3PL provider Captech Logistics offers a variety of value added services. These services can be customized to best suit the needs of your company and your customers. So, what are some examples of value added services in logistics? Let’s take a look.

Logistics Value Added Services at Captech Logistics in New York

Custom Packaging

Let’s face it, not all products fit in a nice shipping box. With the value added solutions from Captech Logistics it doesn’t matter. We ship the smallest items up to large, palletized products. The packaging can be designed to protect delicate products or showcase a new emerging item.

Kitting or Bundling as a Service

Does your product involve different parts that work together? Custom kitting is a value added service offered by Captech. With custom kit creation your individual parts are shipped and stored at the logistics warehouse. The third party logistics company then picks and packs the orders based on you or your customers’ needs. This saves you the time and energy of creating kits from your individual products and speeds up your workflow.

Custom Labeling

Make a big impression with custom labels on your items or packaging.

Returns Management / Reverse Logistics

Another example of a value added logistics service is returns management. Sometimes called reverse logistics, this describes the process whereby a third party receives and processes customer returns. With B2B clients this can also include dealing with consignment returns.

Value Added Services Unique to Your Business

Each business is unique. At Captech Logistics we sit down with our customers to understand their business and goals. We then discuss options for value added services to build efficiency and value in our partnership. Your goals are our goals. What value added services can we bring to your business logistics? Contact us today.