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Shopify Order Fulfillment

Shopify Order FulfillmentYou’ve created an online store with Shopify and the orders are coming in – great! But now you’re thinking you may need some help in fulfilling the orders from your Shopify site. Captech Logistics can help.

Creating and growing an online store is no easy task. And, once it’s running, keeping it going is no easy task either.

Same Day Shipping for Online Orders

Customers expect orders are shipped in a timely fashion. Who’s going to ship your order if you’re on vacation?

Inventory Storage

If your item is out of stock you’ll lose the sale. But where are you going to keep all that inventory?

Pick and Pack Takes Time

Then there’s the time component. Do you want to take the time to pick and pack all your orders?

Benefits to Shopify Order Fulfillment Services

When you work with Captech Logistics, we take care of all of these concerns.

Captech stores your inventory for you. We carefully pick and pack each order that comes in and can ship them out the same day. With custom value added services we can pack and label your items to keep your brand message consistent.

In addition, since our warehouse software can connect directly with Shopify, we can receive and update orders in real time. That means your customers will always know the status of their order. We know, happy customers equals a thriving business.

Ready to Learn More?

Captech Logistics is ready to help with fulfillment services for your Shopify store. Give us a call. Let’s talk about your business and how we can help your business thrive.

Looking for Shopify Order Fulfillment Services?